THE book on Islamic State in Iraq

Who are those guys of IS that overwhelmed a part of northern Iraq?

They are a complex mix of the so-called ‘Afghan Arabs’, former members of Saddam’s Baath Party and their sons, Al-Qaeda dropouts, Kurds and other angry young men from Iraqi Sunni tribes and Europe. What and how do they think, what’s their belief? What are their ideological differences with other armed groups? Who are the leaders next to Al-Baghdadi? How is Daash organized? What does the training of the rank and file entail? How come Daash was first practically defeated and now so strong? How to get rid of Daash in Iraq?

Our independent Iraqi newspaper The New Morning (Al-Sabah Al-jadeed, see has published a series on origins, present and future of the terrorist ‘Islamic State’ (IS, Daash in Arabic). The author is a young Iraqi researcher on Islamic movements with insider knowledge.

We are looking for funding to publish an English translation, properly edited for non-Iraqi readers. The complete book is around 35,000 words. The costs for a professional translation and the editing are around 4.500 euro, almost 6000 $.

We are looking for crowdfunding but we are in a hurry and would also be interested in an exclusive offer from a book or newspaper publisher, or an online company.

For an overview of the content in English, the complete Arabic version and other requests contact newsabah editor Anna Zayer-van Ammelrooy,, tel. 0031 6 18118633.


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